We stock a range of accessories to meet your specific requirements. All our barbecue products are carefully selected to meet the same rigorous standards of quality, durability and ease of maintenance as our industry-leading cooktops and cabinets, so you can be assured that they will provide you with the best possible solution.

Barbecue Accessories

CC2 Cooktop Barbecue Hood

Our Cooktop Barbecue Hood offers benefits beyond protecting the cooktop from dirt. Tough and durable, it is specifically designed to improve further the safety, functionality, and performance of your Christie cooktop.

The curved design and recessed cooking surface provide ample clearance when cooking with the closed hood. The stainless steel outer surface is easy to clean, while the inner aluminium panel reflects heat during cooking. This radiant heat improves flavour, reduces power consumption, and keeps the outer surface from getting hot.

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Easy Drain Grease Trap

Our Easy Drain Grease Trap is compatible with our ICON and A-Series wheelchair-accessible barbecue cabinets. It offers several cleaning, environmental, and OH&S benefits.

The fully welded stainless container is corrosion-resistant and easy to empty, lift, and clean. An internal partition prevents oil from overflowing the container. Wastewater flows underneath the partition and drains via the overflow port. The remaining water is drained via the integrated tap for easy disposal.

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Grease Trap Filter Kit

Our Grease Trap Filter Kit further improves the cleaning efficiency of our Easy Drain Grease Trap. It reduces oil splatter and minimises handling to remove oil and fats from the waste container,

The waste tray captures large food particles while resting on the Grease Trap. At the same time, a bio-degradable filter absorbs oil and directs water into the container. Once saturated, the filter is easily disposed of and replaced, providing a fast, practical waste management solution.

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Bag Waste Container

Our Bag Waste Container offers a simple, practical waste management solution where barbecue cooktops are not subject to excessive water entry. Water entry into the waste container can be limited by providing shelter over the barbecues or fitting a Christie Barbecue Hood to the cooktop.

The Bag Waste Container is compatible with all our cabinets. Water and oils flow through the central drain hole in the cooktop into the bag inside the container. When full, tie the top of the heavy-duty bag and remove it for suitable disposal.

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Waste Container Bracket

Our Waste Container Bracket provides a raised platform for our Easy Drain Grease Trap and Bag Waste Containers. It is compatible with our Modular and Brickwork Bench Barbecue Cabinets and custom cabinets with our standard cooktops.

Raising the container reduces oil splatter from the cooktop drain tube. It makes the container easier to lift, handle, and drain during cleaning. The cabinet space below the container can store cleaning products or other equipment.

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Barbecue Cleaner & Degreaser

Using corrosive, toxic cleaning solutions can damage barbecues’ electronics and significantly reduce their design life. Our industrial-strength Barbecue Cleaner and Degreaser offers a robust, food-safe alternative.

The enzyme works efficiently even in cold water to quickly and effectively break down grease and cooking residue. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and its high concentration makes it cost-effective for commercial use.

Our optional Cleaning Kit includes an ergonomic handle and industrial scouring pads for cleaning the cooktop surface.

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Open Bench Kit

Built-in or custom barbecue structures without doors may present a safety hazard by allowing access to the hot underside of the cooktop. Our proprietary Open Bench Kit safely encloses these hot components and provides an integrated waste container for easy cleaning.

The Kit is suitable for locations where the cooktop is not subject to excessive water entry, such as where a Barbecue Hood has been fitted or where the barbecue is undercover.

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Our bowl sink has a 24-litre capacity and is made from corrosion-resistant 304-grade polished stainless steel. It is mono-pressed for easy cleaning and includes a welded escutcheon for fixing it to any Christie benchtop.

Our barbecue sinks are manufactured in Australia and carry a Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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Operations Counter

You can find out how often your barbecues are used with our Operations Counter. Easy to install, the Counter accurately records the number of barbecue cooking cycles while ignoring any other input, preventing it from tampering with the cooktop’s electronic, start-stop cycle, and error data.

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Stand-Alone Battery Kit for gas barbecue

Christie gas appliances require a minimum 12VDC power supply to operate. Our deep-cycle sealed lead-acid 12v—26ah batteries are housed in a robust battery box that provides clean, safe storage and improves battery life.

Supplied with pre-wired terminals and connectors, including appliance leads, our Standalone Battery Kit provides an alternate solution when no mains power is available and solar is unsuitable.

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Solar Battery Kit for gas barbecue

Christie gas appliances require a minimum 12VDC power supply to operate. Our deep-cycle sealed lead-acid 12v—26ah batteries and roof or pole mounted 20W Solar Panel provide a reliable solution that removes the need to charge the batteries periodically.

Charging the battery in situ with a solar panel eliminates the need for constant battery maintenance. A single solar-maintained battery kit is sufficient to operate two gas appliances.


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Grease Trap with Filter Kit

“Using Christie’s Easy Drain Grease Traps and Filter Kits has been a game-changer for us. We’ve experienced a remarkable improvement in efficiency and cleanliness. One of the most significant benefits is the reduced manual handling of waste. They align with our commitment to environmental sustainability and provide a hygienic waste management solution.

We highly recommend these containers to any organisation.

–  City of Melville, Western Australia