Our versatile, energy-efficient electric and gas barbecue cooktops are self-contained outdoor cooking appliances. Use them to design and build a unique outdoor kitchen project or barbecue structure to relevant standards with your preferred materials.

Outdoor kitchen design


Our cooktops are self-contained cooking appliances. The drop-in design and lack of external wiring to a door or benchtop give you total freedom to design a custom barbecue structure.

For a ready-made solution, please select one of our pre-fabricated cabinets. You can use our stainless-steel benchtops, access doors, and brick-in cabinet kit options to create a surround using standard bricks.

Explore the case studies in our Projects section. Here you will find examples of built-in cabinets on rooftops, in holiday parks, resorts, schools, universities, aged care facilities, as well as parks and other public open spaces.

Why choose Christie


Grilling large quantities of food requires a balance between reducing power consumption and providing a superior cooking experience.

That is why our heavy-duty CC2 electric and gas cooktops are the ultimate barbecue. We engineer them explicitly for power, durability, and exceptional performance. A controller inside every cooktop monitors all operating functions. Whether cooking large quantities of food or a single item, it will use the least possible power to cook food perfectly every time.

In a malfunction, the controller generates error notifications to facilitate quick diagnosis and fast repairs.

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While most barbecue structures have doors, you may want a more streamlined aesthetic for your outdoor kitchen. However, leaving the underside of a cooktop exposed is a safety hazard.

Christie Open Bench Kits enclose the under-bench components and provide an integrated waste container. The benchtop is not part of the Open Bench Kit, giving you the flexibility to design your unique benchtop shape from non-combustible materials.

Open Bench Kits must be used undercover to prevent water from overflowing the waste container. Alternatively, use a Christie Barbecue Hood to avoid water ingress.

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Our Brickwork Bench Kits are a construction template for building a barbecue structure using standard bricks. You can also use them with other construction materials.

Brickwork Bench Kits include access doors and a durable, hygienic stainless steel benchtop for food preparation. They provide a fast, simple, and inexpensive way to create a built-in barbecue.

Available in Standard and Large sizes, you can configure your ideal combination of cooktops, sinks, or extra stainless-steel bench space for hygienic food preparation.

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