ICON Series cabinet

Our flat-packed barbecue cabinets offer a simple, inclusive, and cost-effective alternative to building a custom surround. Famously sturdy and versatile, they meet all regulatory requirements and are suitable for most projects and environments.

Public barbecue cabinets

ICON Series cabinet

Our ICON accessible barbecue cabinet is a modern interpretation of our industry-defining Modular cabinet launched 25 years ago. The versatile design incorporates current requirements for sustainability, inclusivity, and occupational health and safety.

The sleek shark nose design combines a small footprint with our largest benchtop to provide extensive, individual food preparation areas. The all-stainless construction makes it durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. Available off the shelf in brushed stainless-steel, or powder-coated in Weathered Steel or Dulux Monument, you can also select from an extensive range of colours (lead times apply). Regardless of the location, the ICON cabinet has you covered.

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ICON Series – Standard

The Standard and Large ICON cabinets are Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant, so seated and standing users of all abilities can cook with ease.

They are also straightforward to clean and maintain. Quick-release doors are easily removed for service, cleaning, or changing the opening swing direction. All panels and doors are readily available as spare parts. The split doors allow cleaners to handle the waste tray at knee-height, rather than lift it off the floor. A grease trap overflow system exits the cabinet to avoid excess waste build-up.

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ICON Series – Large

Shared barbecues are mostly used by families and groups. That’s why our Large ICON cabinet has the largest benchtop yet, providing ample individual food preparation areas. Because Christie’s barbecue cooktops have no buttons in the door or benchtop, you can orientate them in either direction. This unique feature allows users to maintain an appropriate distance while sharing the facility.

Communal barbecues are increasingly installed on rooftops and in other urban locations. ICON cabinets flat-packed for easy site access, saving you transportation and offloading costs.

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Our celebrated A Series all-access barbecue cabinet is part of the Permanent Design Collection of The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

The sleek, sculptural form offers contemporary housing for our proven cooking technology. It meets all Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) guidelines. The cooktop is positioned where seated users of all abilities can use it with ease, Yet far enough away that small children can’t reach hot surfaces.

The all-stainless steel construction aims for complete corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance. The seamless finish shows no visible fixings, while the robust engineering aims for ultimate durability.

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A Series – Single

The Standard A Series wheelchair accessible barbecue cabinet accommodates a single cooktop easily reached by wheelchair and seated users of all abilities. Increased bench space on all sides of the cooktop provides ample food preparation surface and a safety zone that prevents small children from reaching hot surfaces.

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A Series – Double

The Large A Series Universal Access barbecue cabinet can accommodate up to two cooktops, or a cooktop and sink. The generous benchtop provides a large food preparation area. Shipped flat-packed like all Christie cabinets, it reduces transportation costs and facilitates easy site access.

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We engineered our Modular Series barbecue cabinets to match the strength and durability of brick-in surrounds. Constructed from aluminium, steel, and compressed fibre cement, they can withstand even the harshest environments and demanding users.

Modular cabinets have set the standard for public outdoor barbecues for 25 years. They offer an economical, flexible, and robust alternative to built-in barbecues. You can choose from single, double, or triple modules and add our high-quality cooktops, sinks, or use the extra preparation space to suit your project.

Flat-packed for easy site access and to reduce freight costs, they are fast and straightforward to assemble.

Modular Series – Single

Our Small Modular barbecue cabinet is an ideal solution for limited spaces and busy locations, such as caravan parks and cabins. It offers adequate food preparation space that encourages users to move on after cooking and the same robust construction for which our cabinets are famous.

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Modular Series – Double

Standard size Modular cabinets offer compact flexibility. The double module benchtop has space for two cutouts. You can select a configuration of one cooktop and extra bench space, two cooktops, or a cooktop and a sink. A single cooktop configuration also allows for an additional door and storage for cleaning materials or a gas bottle.

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Modular Series – Triple

Our Large Modular cabinet provides complete flexibility for big groups or busy sites. With space for up to three benchtop cutouts, you can configure your ideal combination of cooktops, sinks, or extra stainless-steel bench space for hygienic food preparation. You can also use areas below empty bench space to store gas bottles or cleaning materials.

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