Electric, gas and smart barbecue cooktops

Our gas and electric barbecue cooktops are self-contained outdoor cooking appliances. They can be combined with our Modular, ICON, or A Series cabinets, or installed in any custom or built-in outdoor kitchen structure that meets relevant local standards.

Electric and gas barbecues


Repeatedly grilling large quantities of food requires a balance between power consumption and cooking food quickly and evenly. Our CC2 electric cooktop is the ultimate barbecue appliance, engineered to match gas cooking’s power and responsiveness.

A smart controller inside every cooktop monitors all operating functions. It uses only the power necessary to cook food perfectly, whether large quantities or a single item. In the event of a malfunction, the controller generates error notifications for quick diagnosis and prompt repairs.

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Our CC2-i Cooktop offers an integrated asset management solution for customers with several Christie barbecues. A built-in controller in all our cooktops continually monitors barbecue performance. The CC2-i communicates this data via our award-winning GoACCESS analytics platform.

Know when barbecues are used, how much electricity they consume, and receive alerts when cleaned or not working as intended. Find out more about the benefits of our GoACCESS Platform here.

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Our CC2 Gas Cooktop is a certified commercial catering appliance. Powerful and responsive, it features electronic re-ignition and flame sensor failsafe for total peace of mind. The proprietary stainless-steel burner ensures even heat across the grill plate. In the event of a malfunction, the onboard controller generates error notifications for quick diagnosis and repairs.

Our gas cooktop is the ideal barbecue solution for areas without available electricity, and suitable for reticulated, mains, or LPG (bottled) gas.

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