With over 50 years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with expert advice and industry-leading support.

Proactively maintained, a Christie barbecue will provide you with many years of proven reliable and energy-efficient operation. Unlike domestic and commercial alternatives, we explicitly engineer our grills for public safety and heavy use. Even with such extraordinary high usage, we warrant our barbecue appliances for two years.

Christie is the only company dedicated exclusively to manufacturing commercial barbecues for public use. We also provide customer support unique in our industry – expert staff whose sole job is to provide you with advice, service and solutions.


Our Customer Support service department is dedicated to assisting you. Contact us at any time. By quoting the serial number of your barbecue, we will provide you with real-time support, diagnosing solutions and shipping spare parts within 24 hours .

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Frequently asked questions

How do I switch the barbecue on and off?
Why do I have to hold the button for six seconds?
The barbecue is getting hot, but the light is still flashing red?
How long do I have to wait before I can start cooking?
For how long does the barbecue stay on?
The barbecue is flashing green and red and is not heating?
Where do I find the serial number?
How do I access the cabinet and underside of the barbecue appliance?
The barbecue is not working. What should I do? How do I report a fault?
How often should the barbecue be cleaned?
What do I use to clean the cooktop?
How often should the waste container be emptied and cleaned?
What is the power rating of the electric barbecue cooktop?
We want to build a custom cabinet. Can we install a Christie cooktop into it?
How often should the barbecue be serviced?
Does Christie sell barbecue hoods or safety lids?
Can Christie recommend a service technician?
I have a gas cooktop and can hear a ticking noise inside the barbecue!