Christie Barbecue Hood Offer

Christie Barbecue Hood Offer


Receive a special discount with our Christie Barbecue Hood Offer. Our unique barbecue hood protects the cooking surface and remains cool to the touch at all times. The sleek, curved design lets you cook with the hood closed, trapping heat and flavor and improving cooking efficiency by up to 25%.

For a limited time, receive a 10% discount on the price of a barbecue hood when purchased in combination with one of Christie’s award-winning CC2 electric or gas barbecue cooktops. The offer is valid on orders placed and dispatched before August 31.

Apply Accom21 to receive your discount. Learn more.



Communal Barbecue Product Selection Criteria

Asset Owner Criteria

Asset owners and end-users have distinct requirements that should be considered when selecting a communal barbecue.  Asset owners are mainly concerned with ongoing cleaning, maintenance,...

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Public Barbecue Siting Checklist

Appropriate planning and design considerations are essential in minimising risk, extending the product design life, and promoting the best use of public barbecues. This list will assist you...

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Christie joins LGA as a preferred supplier

We are delighted to announce Christie joins LGA as a Preferred Supplier under their Parks and Gardens Goods & Services contract.

By purchasing under the agreement, Local Government customers...

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ICON Cabinet wins Australian Good Design Award

The Australian Good Design Awards celebrate the best new products and services on the Australian and international markets. They reward new and emerging areas of design, including design strategy, social impact design,...

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