Advancing the Caravanning Industry

Advancing the Caravanning Industry: Highlights from the CIAA Conference 2024

Christie Barbecues recently supported the Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s (CIAA) 2024 conference. We attended as delegates and sponsored the Research Breakfast, which drew a packed audience and offered a highlight of the three-day conference. As a proud sponsor and long-time supporter, we are committed to supporting Australia’s caravanning and holiday park industry.

Supporting the Caravanning and Holiday Park Industry

The CIAA primarily advocates nationwide for Australia’s caravanning and camping industry. With a vision of leading and championing a safe, compliant, and sustainable sector, CIAA operates across various pillars, including marketing, research, compliance, lobbying, and sustainability. CIAA is pivotal in shaping the industry’s future by representing over 3,500 businesses and maintaining active engagement with a vast consumer base.

Insights from CIAA Conference 2024

The CIAA Conference 2024 significantly increased attendance, with 1080 registered participants, including key decision-makers from holiday parks and industry stakeholders. Key sessions highlighted the industry’s resilience post-COVID while addressing the ongoing challenges in manufacturing and sales. Discussions delved into crucial topics such as power consumption, renewable energy, and the growing preference for sustainable practices within the industry.

The Success of the Research Breakfast

As the sponsor of the Research Breakfast, Christie Barbecues supported one of the conference’s most anticipated events. Hosted by CIAA’s General Manager for Insights, Peter May, the breakfast attracted a large audience eager to gain insights into industry trends and data. With 130 seats filled and additional attendees standing, the event underscored the industry’s thirst for knowledge and innovation.

Our sponsorship of the Research Breakfast at the CIAA Conference 2024 exemplifies our dedication to supporting and advancing Australia’s caravanning and holiday park industry. Our company was founded in 1965 as a supplier to the Holiday Park Sector. We remain committed to providing exceptional value and superior outdoor cooking solutions to support the industry’s growth and sustainability.


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