How to choose a communal barbecue cabinet

How to choose a communal barbecue cabinet

How to choose a communal barbecue cabinet

Enhancing and modernising your communal barbecue cabinet facilities can bring a new level of enjoyment and inclusivity to outdoor gatherings of community residents and visitors. Here are our practical tips and insights on elevating the outdoor cooking experience:

Facility assessment

Evaluate your current and future requirements before choosing a new public barbecue cabinet or upgrading your outdated one. Shared barbecues are mainly used by families and groups that require ample food preparation area and circulation space around the facility. Outdoor cooking is gaining popularity, so consider factors such as the location’s overall traffic, the frequency and the number of people expected to cook in the area, and additional features such as accessibility for seated and wheelchair users.

Material selection

Outdoor communal barbecues are often subject to heavy use and corrosive environments, so look for durable materials that are easy to clean. Stainless steel is a perfect choice, providing it is properly braced and has an appropriate thickness and finish. Electro-polished surfaces are easily cleaned, but highly reflective, so brushed finishes are more desirable. Powder coating will further improve the design life of your stainless cabinet, ensuring your facilities remain in good condition for many years.

Design and aesthetics:

Our user survey shows that cleanliness is a crucial consideration for barbecue users, so the appearance of your barbecue cabinet is important. Choose a cabinet that complements the space’s overall style and meets prospective users’ requirements. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern design or a traditional look, select or build a cabinet that enhances your facility’s visual appeal and blends with the environment or nearby amenities. Customising standard cabinets with powder coating or in-situ vinyl wrap will increase durability and match the aesthetic of the surrounding area.

Food hygiene and user safety:

Benchtops are food preparation areas. Porous materials like stone or ceramics are prone to deteriorate over time and are difficult to clean correctly. They can harbour bacteria and compromise food hygiene. We recommended using non-porous materials like stainless steel that are proven hygienic and easy for barbecue users and facility staff to clean. Facility visitors and children playing nearby should be considered, so benchtop corners must be rounded and preferably manufactured from nylon or similar material to reduce the likelihood of impact injury.

Compare features:

Compare the features of different communal barbecue cabinets:

  • Are panels and benchtops adequately braced with appropriate materials to prevent dents?
  • Are replacement panels and parts available to repair potential damage?
  • Are access doors big enough to remove the waste container easily for cleaning? Raised waste containers are easier to lift and empty.
  • Is there adequate food preparation space for hotplates and larger groups?
  • Are there any package size and weight constraints for delivery access to your site?
  • Is it easy to install, move, and repair?

By following these points, you can make an informed decision when choosing the best public barbecue cabinet to upgrade your outdated one, ensuring easy and efficient maintenance and user experience.


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