How to provide the best barbecue experience

How to provide the best barbecue experience

Barbecues are a beloved part of Australian culture, and barbecues and holidays often go hand in hand. To provide the best barbecue experience for guests, accommodation managers must select the right commercial barbecue. Here are various factors to consider when making an informed decision:

Inclusive and Accessible facilities

Do your current facilities accommodate wheelchair users and older guests? Australia is an evolving, diverse society, and inclusivity is part of our “fair-go” culture. Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant accessible barbecue facilities enable wheelchair users to reach the cooktop. They are also preferred by older guests who like to cook while seated.

A flat hot plate, known as a teppanyaki in Japan or plancha in Spain, is the most versatile cooking surface. In addition to the classic Aussie snag, users can cook anything from fried eggs to toasties and even stir-fry! Please check out our cooking video for some great ideas.

Power Options

Gas appliances are the “gold standard” for responsive cooking. Powerful electric barbecues mimic gas performance, delivering a great user experience while requiring less ongoing maintenance. Electric barbecues are also more environmentally friendly, especially when powered by renewable electricity, making them the preferred option for powered sites.

Gas barbecues remain the most energy-efficient and economical option for areas without electricity.

Ease of use 

Barbecues should be safe and easy for anyone to operate. Clear instructions and a simple user interface ensure that everybody can enjoy the outdoor cooking experience. A simple ON/OFF button, pre-set temperatures, and timed operation means users can push the button, cook, and leave.

Cleaning and maintenance 

Most commercial and domestic barbecues are not designed for high use or harsh outdoor environments. They are often complex to operate and difficult to clean, with many parts like grill plates, racks, and temperature control knobs that can be demanding to use and maintain.

Communal barbecues have been engineered explicitly for high use over many years in outdoor locations. Usually made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, they save time and money by being user-friendly and easy to clean and service.

Barbecues that are easy to install are also easy to service. A lightweight “drop-in” design with no secondary wiring can be lifted and handled by one person, saving on maintenance and cleaning costs. Retrofitting or upgrading older appliances in existing cabinets is also simple with drop-in barbecues.


Safety is a critical public barbecue consideration. Features that protect the user should include:

  • A safety delay start button to prevent accidental ignition
  • A cooking surface that is free from sharp angles and corners that can harbour bacteria
  • A sterilization cycle for food hygiene;
  • Above the benchtop, ignition buttons that are out of reach of children; and
  • A pre-set temperature to stop the barbecue from being left on at high heat.

Reliability and after-sales support

Communal barbecues are a long-term investment and integral to the outdoor holiday experience. Quality appliances deliver long-term savings by lasting many years of high use in outdoor environments.

Even the best appliances can break down, so the manufacturer’s after-sales support is critical. It is more important than ever to support Australian manufacturing. Buying a quality product directly from a local manufacturer who can provide in-house technical support and fast spare parts turnaround will make owning and servicing your barbecue a breeze.


Communal-use outdoor barbecues must meet high safety, durability, and inclusivity standards. Buying a suitable outdoor barbecue will give you and your guests the best possible barbecue experience and a memorable holiday.



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