Bondi Park

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Bondi Park

Bondi Park is a wildly popular destination in the heart of Sydney’s world-famous beachside suburb. The iconic Park, Beach, and Pavilion form a recreational hub for the local Bondi Beach community and national and international visitors to Sydney.

The growing needs of the Bondi community and tourists led to the building of facilities that include the Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club, North Bondi Life Saving Club, and the lifeguard tower. Recreational facilities include the skate park, children’s playground, promenade, fitness station, picnic shelters and communal barbecues.

Bondi Park’s sprawling green lawns are perfect for picnics, and its playgrounds cater to children of all ages. Popular activities for visitors are swimming or surfing and other passive recreational activities such as picnicking, relaxing, and beach volleyball.

Waverley Council recently replaced the older Christie barbecues with new cooking facilities, installing our A series cabinets and CC2 cooktops. The cabinet’s 90% recycled stainless steel construction offers corrosion resistance in the marine environment. At the same time, the award-winning anaesthetics and accessible design provide the perfect communal barbecue solution for an iconic, high-profile destination.

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Client: Waverley Council
Designed by: Waverley Council
Installed by: Andrik Construction Group
Products:2 x A Series Doubles CC2-I Smart Cabinets