Enterprize Park

Enterprize Park

The recent upgrade of Enterpize Park by the City of Melbourne marks the first phase of the city’s ambitious riverside Greenline development. It provides improved amenities and an extra 1000 square metres of public lawns.

The park commemorates Europeans from the ship Enterprize going ashore to establish a settlement on 30 August 1835. This landing point on the north bank of the Yarra River is the site of Melbourne Day celebrations when the Lord Mayor raises the flag of the City of Melbourne.

Enterprize Park is also the site of the Scar Project, constructed by Indigenous artists who used original wharf poles from nearby Queen’s Bridge. Traditionally, indigenous people would take pieces of bark from trees to make canoes, shields or baby cradles. The resulting ‘scar trees’ would also serve as a signpost for other clans to know they had entered the land of another community.

Park improvements include expanded lawn areas, improved views, barbecue facilities, and more robust connections between public spaces along the river to make it accessible and inclusive for all Melburnians.

Please click here to view the project video.

Client: City of Melbourne
Designed by: City of Melbourne
Installed by: Citywide Solutions
Products: 2 X A Series Large Cabinets