Green Square: The Drying Green

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Green Square: The Drying Green

The Drying Green is the world’s first ecological engine – a tiered arrangement of wetlands that harvests and treats stormwater. Approximately 875,000 litres of polluted water is cycled daily through the wetland and returned clean to Alexandria Canal and the harbour.

The 6,300 square meter park draws inspiration from its industrial past as a brick kiln and drying ground, incorporating brick paving and sculptural elements into a contemporary landscape. Lush greenery, including native plants and diverse trees, offers a refreshing contrast to the urban environment.

The Drying Green caters to diverse community needs, featuring recreational spaces such as a children’s playground, fitness equipment, and a multipurpose sports court. Within the park, a tilted lawn transitions to a large open lawn with sheltered barbecues. Here, Christie electric barbecue cooktops have been installed into custom cement cabinets as part of a sleek, contemporary outdoor dining area.

The Drying Green has become a beloved community gathering place, reflecting Sydney’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive public spaces and demonstrating the transformative power of urban design and sustainability.

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Client: City of Sydney
Designed by: McGregor Coxall and Chrotfi Architecture and Planning
Installed by: Regal innovations
Products: 2 x CC2 Electric Cooktop