Ron’s Creek Water Park

The Oran Park water play space at Ron’s Creek is an exciting addition to the recreational facilities at Oran Park Town. It is Camden’s largest splash park and only Ninja Warrior course.


The play space includes a range of water-based and dry playground equipment, including slides, spinners, swings, in-ground trampolines and more. It also boasts a half basketball court, dynamic exercise equipment, an amenities block, and car parking. A formal civic plaza, corridor and bio-retention basin offer passive spaces where people can relax and enjoy the open spaces. 


Shared paths lead to sheltered picnic areas, where nine Christie A series barbecues provide further outdoor recreation options.

Please click here to view the project video.

Client: Greenfields
Designed by: JMD Design
Installed by: Glasscott
Products: 9 x A Series Doubles