Patchwork Park

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Patchwork Park

Patchwork Park is located in The Fabric, a development in Altona North, Melbourne. The unique play space by Tract Consultants promises a distinctive experience for users and fosters a strong sense of community.

This park seamlessly blends creativity and fun for a vibrant gathering place for people of all ages. The focal point is the captivating “balls of wool” play structure. Inspired by the park’s fabric theme, the five balls of different sizes offer play value for various ages. From a buried ball designed for younger children and toddlers to the highest ball soaring to over six meters, featuring a spiral slide and vertical climb for the adventurous, Patchwork Park ensures everyone can enjoy this imaginative and inclusive playground.

Patchwork Park offers more than a place to play. It serves as an accessible, vital hub for community engagement and connections. The overall design encourages interaction and collaboration by providing ample seating areas, picnic spots, and open spaces for families and friends to come together. The barbecue area features a custom concrete cabinet with wooden batten details and two Christie CC2 Cooktops.

Please click here to view the project video.

Client: Hobson’s Bay Council
Designed by: Tract Consultants
Installed by: ULS Group
Products: 2 x CC2 Electric Cooktop