Thomas Street Playground

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Thomas Street Playground

Thomas Street Reserve in Hampton offers something for everyone. The state-of-the-art inclusive playground encourages the community to be active and features amenities for children and adults. These include accessible play equipment, senior’s exercise areas, public toilets, picnic spots, and a park barbecue facility from Christie.

The park is designed as a village to be explored with a range of activities to enjoy. It features wheelchair trampolines, flying foxes, slides, swings, a parkour course, a water play area, and a DJ booth. The centrepiece is a 3-level castle, and the original timber fort built 30 years ago by the community. The award-winning destination park is set on a spacious green reserve with plenty of space to have a picnic and a fun barbecue.

For a birds-eye view, please take a look at our video here.

Client: Bayside City Council
Designed by: Ric McConaghy Pty Ltd and Justin Staggard 
Installed by: Glascott Landscapes
Products: 4 x Modular Cabinets