Variety Livvi’s Place: Edgebrook Estate

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Variety Livvi’s Place: Edgebrook Estate

Variety Livvi’s Place is a remarkable all-inclusive playground that caters to children with diverse needs, including sensory processing issues and difficulties with social interaction. Spiire designed this expansive, fully-fenced play space in Stockland’s Edgebrook Estate as a safe and welcoming environment where children of all abilities can play and have fun together.

The playground has slides, swings, trampolines and water play in themed areas such as Birds in Flight, Lettuce Farm, Amphibian, and the Aquatic zone, paying homage to Clyde’s natural history. The main attraction is the magnificent “Birds in Flight” structure, a three-level play space with multiple entrances leading to a long, twisting slide.

The park offers amenities that ensure an enjoyable outing for the entire family. The large barbecue area is perfect for hosting kids’ birthday parties. It features accessible Christie A Series accessible barbecues, ample grassed areas for picnics, and covered seating pods that accommodate two people and a pram and offer shade. Toilets with baby change facilities are conveniently located nearby.

The park is pram, scooter, and bike-friendly. The playground’s design and layout allow for easy navigation, ensuring children with mobility challenges can freely explore and engage in play. These thoughtful features make Variety Livvi’s Place a true haven for children of all abilities.

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Client: Stockland
Designed by: Spiire
Installed by: Naturform
Products:2 x A Series