Public Barbecue Range

Market leaders since 1965, we are committed to producing the worlds best public barbecues. We use the quality materials and the latest technology to reduce operating costs for our clients and guarantee the ultimate cooking experience for barbecue users.

Our products


We place the user experience first. That’s is why we engineer our electric and gas barbecue cooktops for exceptional power and responsiveness. They strike the optimum balance of power consumption and being able to cook food quickly and evenly.

A controller continually monitors all barbecue functions and maintains a hygienic cooking temperature. In the event of a malfunction, it shows error notifications for quick diagnosis and prompt repairs.

The grill plate, also known as a plancha or teppanyaki, is versatile and easy to clean. With stainless-steel construction and weighing just 19kg, the drop-in design makes our cooktops easy to install and service.


Our premium wheelchair accessible barbecue meets all rigorous Disability Discrimination Act specifications. It allows seated users of all abilities to cook while preventing children from reaching hot surfaces.

The 90% recycled stainless-steel construction aims for complete corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance. Once assembled, the seamless finish shows no visible fixings. Like all our cabinets, we engineered it for ultimate durability and vandal resistance.

The A Series’ contemporary sculptural form won Good Design awards in Australia and the USA. It is part of the Permanent Design Collection of The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.


ICON is a modern interpretation of our industry-defining Modular Series cabinet. The sleek, contemporary look addresses current requirements for sustainability, inclusivity, and occupational health and safety.

Seated users of all abilities can reach the grill plate. The low-profile benchtop features large, individual food preparation spaces. Quick-release doors are easily removed for service, cleaning, or changing the swing direction. Split doors with a raised waste container allow cleaning staff to handle the waste tray at knee-height.

Choose ICON in standard brushed stainless-steel finish or powder-coated in Dulux Weathered steel or Monument colour, or select from an extensive range of Dulux powder coating colours.


Our Modular Series sets the benchmark for durable public barbecue cabinets. We designed it to replicate the strength and durability of a brick structure. Versatile, compact and very tough, it can withstand even the harshest environments and demanding users. Configure single, double, or triple cabinets to suit your outdoor kitchen. Select colours and inserts that suit your cooking and site requirements.

How they save you money:

  • Flat-packed to minimise transport costs
  • Fast, easy assembly by any competent person
  • No heavy machinery required on site
  • Individual components are easy to replace on-site.


Our energy-efficient electric and gas barbecue cooktops are self-contained commercial cooking appliances. We eliminated the design constraints of buttons on the benchtop or cabinet door so that you can give your imagination free reign.

Our cooktops are ideal for high-end developments, outdoor kitchens, and other custom projects. Use your design flair and create a bespoke barbecue surround to blend seamlessly with your project design, or create a cabinet from standard bricks, using our Brick-in Bench Kits.

Explore our Projects section for inspiration on building your unique barbecue surround, using our industry-leading cooking technology.


We stock a range of accessories specifically designed to complement our standard products, including barbecue hoods, waste containers, usage counters, and gas barbecue equipment. We also offer proven, effective, food-safe and environmentally friendly cleaning materials.

All our barbecue accessories are carefully selected to meet the same rigorous standards of quality, durability and ease of maintenance as our industry-leading cooktops and cabinets, so you can be assured that they will provide you with the best possible solution.

Explore our Accessories section today to ensure you get the best experience from your Christie barbecues.

Designers love our products

“As a global leader in many and diverse portfolios, the AECOM Group sources products and services of only the highest standards. AECOM Specifies the Christie barbecue range internationally, as we only seek quality partners of impeccable reputation to reflect the services we provide.”
– Matthew Rigney, Conceptual Architect

In-house technical support

Southern Cross Electrical

“We’ve been installing and servicing Christie BBQ’s for 25 years. During this time, we have been providing advice on various BBQ brands and models, and have been confronted with many issues that need answers promptly. I found that Christie staff are always available to help. They are friendly and easy to communicate with. With so many potential issues it’s nice to know that, once you install their products, it’s quality and engineering won’t let you down.”
– Sam Cuce, Manager

The ultimate user experience

“We just used your outdoor park barbecue for the first time in our local Charles Sturt Council (Henley Beach, South Australia) park. What a great piece of simple, safe engineering. Well done, it is an excellent way to appreciate our fantastic Aussie lifestyle. The food was good. My wife and I enjoyed the food and I enjoyed the easy to clean design. Well done!”
– Ian, Resident and barbecue user