GoACCESS Smart Barbecue Platform

Our GoACCESS web and app dashboards provide real time data insights for simply more efficient asset and resource allocation delivering you direct bottom line savings and better outcomes for your communities

Smart city barbecues are here. The Christie CC2-i Smart Barbecue Cooktop with GoACCESS Platform brings the world of smart asset management to barbecues.


Your smart city asset management solution

Our award winning GoACCESS platform provides real time data insights including cleaning frequency, usage, temperature, alerts and maintenance statistics. Connecting our popular CC2 electric cooktops to the internet of things, it provides an end-to-end asset management solution for public barbecues, by capturing detailed usage, performance, and maintenance data, and delivering it to you for convenient analysis.

Insights delivered to you

Insights are delivered to you in real time. Our CC2-i cooktop provides valuable asset maintenance information that reduces operating costs for our clients and guarantees your barbecues are always functioning as intended. Using the latest proven sensor technology to communicate usage statistics, cleaning and servicing requirements via Low Powered Wide Area Networks. Christie barbecue sensors can also be retro-fitted to most CC2 Cooktops, allowing you to monitor your entire barbecue fleet via one convenient data set.

Remote error notifications

Notifications reach you immediately. A state-of-the-art digital controller monitors all barbecue operating functions to ensure that it always reaches safe and hygienic cooking temperatures. These smart self-diagnostics can be communicated directly to you for quick diagnosis and fast repairs in the event of a malfunction, and guaranteeing ultimate user satisfaction.


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    Complete Asset Overview

    A single, practical resource for developing cleaning and maintenance schedules.  A simple pin drop function allows you to see the location of all of your smart city barbecues and their current operational status in one place.

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    Data at your fingertips

    Receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports.  Access meaningful, relevant data on your entire fleet as well as for individual barbecues. Set up custom parameters to develop proactive cleaning and servicing schedules.  Receive detailed statistics of time in use, errors and alerts, and repair and cleaning efficiencies.  Monitor underused barbecues for decommissioning or redeployment.

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    All barbecues on one map

    View and update a comprehensive inventory of all your smart city barbecue assets in one dashboard.  Differentiate barbecues by model, serial number, type and manufacturer. Add the locations of non-Christie assets for a one stop, convenient overview of your entire barbecue fleet.

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    Suits multiple contractors

    Allocate and manage your assets by zone to develop efficient and cost-effective cleaning and maintenance routes. Improve public satisfaction with hygiene, performance, and availability by providing clean, operational barbecues in high-demand areas.

  • Eliminate customer complaints

    Get real-time email or SMS notifications when a barbecue is not performing to specifications. Programmed alerts provide details about breaches and errors to facilitate prompt, cost-efficient rectification.  Improve safety and hygiene with a temperature warning that disables smart city barbecues if optimum cooking temperature is not reached.

  • Reduce maintenance costs

    Pressing a single button on the sensor housing will record when the barbecue has been cleaned and create a log against your predetermined schedule.  Contractors can even upload a photo of the cleaned barbecue directly from their mobile device via the GoACCESS mobile app.

  • Accurate budget forecasting

    See how much power each barbecue is using to determine your overall expenditure.  Prepare forecasts based on the actual operational and maintenance costs of each barbecue cooktop to ensure efficient asset utilisation.

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