The original, iconic Australian public barbecue

Christie manufactures the original, iconic Australian public barbecue. Our energy-efficient gas and electric commercial barbecues are designed specifically for use by the community in outdoor urban and park environments, since 1965


Christie is the market leader. Through consistent dedication to research and product development, we continue to be directly responsible for every innovation in the public barbecue industry


The superior technology in our High-efficiency gas and electric barbecues guarantee industry leading performance, bespoke components for optimum quality, and the ultimate user experience

What our customers are saying...

Hutchinson has had the pleasure of dealing extensively with Christie’s throughout Australia for over a decade and have always found the relationship to be seamless. Their products are unrivaled. Most recently the demand for BBQ’s in new urban developments has increased dramatically and we have found our Christie representative to be very thorough and responsive to our requests. We often require him to assist in selecting the right BBQ to suit our varied and diverse needs and look forward to continuing our long relationship.

Nicholas – Team Leader

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