Electric, gas and smart barbecue cooktops

Our gas and electric barbecue cooktops are self-contained outdoor cooking appliances. They can be combined with our pre-fabricated Modular or A Series cabinets, or installed in any structure that meets relevant local standards

  • Electric Cooktops

    The efficiency of our electric cooktops should not be measured by simplistic power ratings. A complex metric combines the total energy consumed and the time taken to cook food thoroughly and hygienically. Our award-winning 3.5kW CC2 electric barbecue cooktop is the ultimate barbecue appliance. It is powerful enough for the demands of continuous use that defeats many low-powered alternatives, yet responsive enough to ensure the lowest possible power consumption. Research has shown that our barbecues are used mostly by large groups and families of five or more persons. To address their requirements, the high-efficiency grill strikes the optimum balance between energy efficiency and the ability to cook large quantities of food quickly, evenly, and hygienically.

  • Smart Barbecue Cooktop with Go ACCESS Platform

    For Smart City customers, we’ve connected our popular CC2 Cooktop to the internet of things and turned an intelligent product into a connected, truly smart barbecue. The CC2-i provides an integrated asset maintenance solution for customers with several Christie barbecues. A built-in controller constantly monitors barbecue performance. Detailed usage, performance, and maintenance data – including error diagnostics – is then communicated directly to you via your preferred Low Powered Wide Area Network for convenient analysis via our award-winning GoACCESS platform. You can now monitor your entire barbecue fleet in real time for easy diagnostics and servicing, to reduce operating costs and guarantee the ultimate cooking experience for barbecue users.  Find out more about our Smart Barbecue cooktops with GoACCESS Platform here.

  • Gas Cooktops

    Our unique gas cooktops have been tested and certified to Commercial Catering Appliance Standard and approved for both indoor and outdoor public barbecue use. The CC2 gas BBQ cooktop takes our leadership in gas cooking technology to a new level, with electronic ignition and temperature sensing for ultimate reliability; a proprietary stainless-steel gas burner for even heat distribution; and an electronic re-ignition and flame sensor for safety and total peace of mind. Available for reticulated (mains) gas or LPG (bottled) gas applications, they provide the ideal barbecue solution for parks end remote areas where electricity is not available.

Options & Accessories

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