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We are passionate about producing the safest, most energy efficient and reliable barbecues in the world. Our products have been bringing communities together for more than fifty years - a proud tradition and part of the Australian culture.

What we do


ABOUT David (Sandy) Christie OAM started manufacturing fixed electric public barbecues in 1972. Since then, we have placed the barbecue user experience at the centre of everything that we do.

We focus exclusively on manufacturing the safest, most reliable, and most energy-efficient products. We have a passionate commitment to creating sustainable and inclusive public places that everyone can enjoy.

We are committed to providing superior barbecue products that reduce our clients costs and ensure the best cooking experience for users. We support our products throughout their design life with expert staff and guaranteed spare parts.


Public barbecues are proven to promote community engagement, social cohesion, and physical and mental health. They provide many lifestyle benefits, particularly in high-density urban and busy tourist areas.

Cooking and sharing food is common to all cultures. Communal barbecue facilities bring people of all abilities, ages, socio-economic,About and ethnic backgrounds together and encourage community cohesion.

Public barbecues provide a sense of place, activates public open spaces, and improves the recreation experience for those who visit, play, and relax in shared outdoor spaces.


It is not only our quality products that set us apart. We consider the customer and cooking experience in everything that we do.

For cooks, we provide commercial barbecues that are powerful enough to cook a variety of food quickly and evenly, is easy to clean and is safe and straightforward to operate. For barbecue owners, we reduce operating costs and ensure that our products are robust, reliable, and easy to service and maintain.

You are in safe hands with Christie. We provide detailed information and expert advice, with guaranteed spare parts and dedicated customer support from qualified staff About.


Our fixed grills are a safe and hygienic alternative to open flame barbecues. They offer an environmentally sustainable solution for shared spaces and:

  • Eliminate the environmental hazards of fires
  • Eliminate smoke and waste from disposable alternatives
  • Remove the risk of personal injury from flames and hot coals

All our products have the lowest possible carbon footprint. Our products are manufactured entirely in Australia using solar energy, local suppliers, and sustainable LEAN manufacturing principles. We use the latest power-saving electronics in our barbecues and materials that are either recycled or recyclable.


We introduced the public barbecue more than fifty years ago and remain the market leader.

Unlike domestic and commercial alternatives, we engineer our products for safety and high use in harsh outdoor environments. We work closely with our clients and invest in ongoing research and development. We use only quality materials and the latest technology to produce the ultimate barbecue experience.

We are responsible for every innovation in the industry through our dedication to research and product development and offer:

  • unrivalled energy-efficiency and performance
  • safe and hygienic operation
  • guaranteed quality and durability

Government contracts

The WA Local Government Association (WALGA)

The Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) is the peak industry body. They advocate on behalf of WA’s 139 Local Governments and negotiate service agreements. All Local Governments that are Members of WALGA can purchase goods, services and works through the extensive WALGA Preferred Supplier Panels.


Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) established Local Buy to assist with procurement. They offer a tender service for government organisations in Queensland, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory. Using their prequalified suppliers, government clients can access goods and services via a quotation rather than a tender process.

Local Government Association of  South Australia (LGA)

The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) provides leadership to councils and representation outwards to state and federal governments and other key stakeholders and represents 68 member councils in matters of importance to local government. The LGA Procurement department harnesses the combined purchasing power of councils to negotiate preferred supplier arrangements on behalf of the sector.

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) is a membership association and the legislated peak body for Victoria’s 79 local councils. Their role is to represent and advocate local government interests, promote the role of local government, facilitate effective networks, provide policy and strategic advice and insurance and procurement services.


“We recently installed Christie Modular Series barbecues in one of our Aged Care Facility projects. From initial consultation and advice to us on selecting the most appropriate BBQ for our budget and client’s needs; to assisting the site contractor with BBQ installation advice; the support, product knowledge and follow up from all the staff at Christie has been excellent.
– Steve Kindstrom, Registered Landscape Architect

“We specialise in quality holiday cabins and homes along Australia’s East Coast and we look no further than Christie’s when we require barbecues. They are the best quality – reliable and durable. The staff are brilliant and responsive, their service is second to none.”
– Troy Gabriel, Director

“Hutchinson has had the pleasure of dealing extensively with Christie’s throughout Australia for over a decade and have always found the relationship to be seamless. Their products are unrivalled. Most recently the demand for BBQ’s in new urban developments has increased dramatically. We often require Christie to assist in selecting the right BBQ to suit our varied and diverse needs and look forward to continuing our long relationship.”
– Nicholas, Team Leader

“We just used your outdoor park barbecue for the first time in our local Charles Sturt Council (Henley Beach, South Australia) park. What a great piece of simple, safe engineering. Well done, it is an excellent way to appreciate our fantastic Aussie lifestyle. The food was good. My wife and I enjoyed the food and I enjoyed the easy to clean design. Well done!”
– Ian, Resident and barbecue user

“I recommend Christie to anyone interested in Public Space BBQs. They are professional and pleasant to deal with, and the products are very efficient and are built to last. The backup service is excellent and prompt. The technical department is always available to answer any questions and are a great resource for information.”
– Michael Tosh, Building Trades Supervisor

“We had Christie supply us with two electric barbecues for our Resort. Since installation we have found them to be very reliable, easy to clean and maintain. And the service from Christie – you couldn’t ask for more!”
– Les Becroft, Manager

Our partners


The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) champions quality design for public open spaces, healthier communities, and excellent environmental stewardship. They provide members with training, recognition and a community to share knowledge, ideas and action.

AILA anticipates and develops a leading position on issues of concern in landscape architecture. Alongside government and allied professions, they work to improve the design, planning and management of the natural and built environment.

AILA represents over 3,500 members throughout Australia and overseas. As a not-for-profit association, their role is to serve the interests of members and the wider profession.


Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) is the industry association for professionals in the leisure sector. They support members through a broad range of services to provide opportunities.

PLA advocates for the planning, design, and management of public spaces that enhance the physical and mental health of Australians. They encourage a conservation ethic by exemplifying the world’s best management practices of all parks facilities, open space and environment.

PLA strengthens communities through fair use of leisure time for the social, environmental, economic and physical well being of all Australians.


Christie Barbecues is proud to support Mr. Perfect. This grassroots health charity brings men together at BBQs in local parks across Australia, to create community and connection.

Like many men, founder Terry Kornick realised he was not Mr. Perfect. After a lifetime of mental challenges, he finally navigated a semblance of a path to tackle them and found something was missing in the support he accessed. Ironically his best mate called him “Mr. Perfect” for years without knowing his struggle.

Mr. Perfect is more than a BBQ. They provide online support, information and resources for the good of men’s health.


Smartsensor develops and manages the communications technology for our Smart connected barbecues.

Smartsensor is an end-to-end Internet of Things solutions provider, combining hardware, software, and automation to build knowledge for both the public and private sectors.

Their unique combination of world-class hardware and software create real-time actionable intelligence and reduce the overall cost and complexity of managing assets. From the initial purchase, maintenance and life cycle management, to end of life disposal, Smartsensor products increase efficiencies, increase uptime, and reduce costs.

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