Leading through innovation

Through our commitment to continuous improvement and product development, we have been responsible for every major innovation in the park barbecue industry, since first introducing the community barbecue to the Australian market

  • Design


    A community barbecue is specifically designed for public use: easy to maintain and simple to operate. Pressing the multi-function button starts the cooking cycle, which ends automatically after a pre-set time or when the button is pushed again to stop the process. Available in gas and electric models, they are suitable for most locations, including corrosive sea-side environments. Originally available only as built-in and brick-in options, our commitment to ongoing innovation led to the development of our stainless-steel bench tops, Modular Series, and A Series surrounds in response to client demand for a cost effective, safe, robust, and low maintenance barbecue. Manufactured from durable, non-flammable materials including aluminium, stainless steel, and fiber-cement, they are flat-packed and easy to assemble, thus saving on transport and installation costs.

  • Performance


    We pride ourselves in the whole-of-life performance of our community barbecues. Unlike domestic and commercial BBQ’s, our products are designed to last for many years and engineered for continuous operation – often in harsh environments and by demanding users. Powerful enough to cook large quantities of food quickly while also highly energy efficient, our hygienic, corrosion resistant stainless-steel cook tops represent the latest innovation in digital cooking technology and are guaranteed for two years. Our bench tops and surrounds have an overall design life of more than ten years. With all electronics and controls located in the cooktop, they can be easily retrofitted to an existing barbecue bench, allowing you to easily upgrade to our latest, energy efficient technology.

  • Safety Hygiene

    Safety and Hygeine

    Our community barbecues were developed specifically to address the risk of personal injury and the environmental risks of bush fires, posed by grilling food over coals or open flames. Therefore, every Christie barbecue has patented safety features developed by us: the hotplate has a unique sterilisation cycle that eliminates bacteria; all controls are easy to access and operate, yet out of reach of most children; an alert sounds whenever there is a change in operating mode, so that the user always knows exactly what the BBQ is doing; and accidental operation is prevented by a start button that must be pressed for six seconds before the unit will turn on.