Banjo Park, Smith’s Lane

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Banjo Park, Smith’s Lane

Banjo Park is the premier outdoor destination of Mirvac’s Smiths Lane sub-development. The design draws inspiration from the nearby Cardinia Creek and the native Australian Banjo Frog.

The park offers a range of exciting features designed to keep children entertained for hours. These include water play stations, adventure play areas, a half basketball court, and green open spaces for ball sports and picnics.

One of the main attractions is the pebbled flowing creek, which starts on a hill and flows down to a small splash play zone. Multiple water play areas with pumps and fountains provide endless fun for kids. Additionally, the park features a timber/rope climbing frame, snaking metal and rope tunnels for climbing, crawling, and balancing, and several slides with soft green rubber underneath for toddlers.

For older children, a half-basketball court encourages fun and exercise. The comprehensive outdoor destination amenities include multiple Christie A Series barbecues and an appealing seating area with picnic shelters, toilets, drinking taps and walkways.

These diverse attractions and amenities make Banjo Park the perfect destination for local residents eeking outdoor enjoyment and recreation.

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Client: Mirvac
Designed by: Aspect and Tract Consultants
Installed by: LJM Construction Builder
Products: 4 x A Series