Public barbecue FAQ's

Public barbecue FAQ’s for Christie Gas and Electric Barbecue Cooktops (CC2 Models)


How do I switch the barbecue on and off?

Press the START/STOP button and hold for 6 seconds to start the appliance. Press and hold for 3 seconds at any time to stop the cooking cycle.


Why do I have to hold the button for six seconds?

This safety feature prevents the unit from being turned on casually or accidentally.


The barbecue is getting hot, but the light is still flashing red?

During regular operation, a flashing red light indicates the Pre-heat cycle. This Sterilisation procedure kills any bacteria present on the cooktop. The faster it flashes, the closer it is to the cooking temperature.


How long do I have to wait before I can start cooking?

The cooktop is ready to cook on when the START/STOP indicator light turns green, which usually takes 3-7 minutes. If the unit is already hot from previous use, the light will turn green much faster.


For how long does the barbecue stay on?

When the light turns green, the barbecue has reached the pre-set cooking temperature, and the cooking cycle commences. After approximately 20 minutes the appliance will turn off automatically. You may stop the cooking cycle at any time by pressing and holding the START/STOP button for at least 3 seconds.


The barbecue is flashing green and red and is not heating?

If the START/STOP button flashes green and red, an error has occurred, and the appliance has entered diagnostics mode.  Consult the Trouble Shooting chapter of your product Installation and User Manual, or contact Christie Support on +61 3 9708 2999 and quote the unit serial number, to identify and resolve the issue.


Where do I find the serial number?

On the Control Box underneath the Appliance.


How do I access the cabinet and the underside of the barbecue unit?

Caution: For authorised personnel only. A key is required to unlock Christie access doors (if present). We supply a standard key set with every barbecue cabinet and access door, if purchased as an option.  Replacement keys can be ordered from Christie. If the key and/or lock has been customised or changed, please consult the barbecue facility owner.


The barbecue is not working. What should I do? How do I report a fault?

First, follow the fault diagnosis steps in the Trouble Shooting chapter of your product Installation and User Manual. If the problem persists contact Christie Support on +61 3 9708 2999 or from within Australia 1300 135 227 and quote the unit serial number. Do not undertake warranty repairs without prior authorisation from Christie.


How often should the barbecue be cleaned?

Cleaning frequency depends on use. Clean barbecues daily in high demand areas and during peak times, and weekly or fortnightly if used infrequently.  For more information on cleaning your communal barbecues visit here.


What do I use to clean the cooktop?

Do not use corrosive cleaning products on barbecue cooktops. Use only non-toxic products with a neutral pH between 6 and 9. Caustic (acidic or alkaline) cleaners may leave a toxic residue on the cooking surface, damage the electronic circuitry, components, or facia labels, and void the Product Warranty. They may also drastically reduce the life expectancy of the appliance. Christie can supply a pH neutral food grade cleaning solution. For more information visit here.


How often should the waste container be emptied and cleaned?

Empty the waste container regularly. Do not allow the waste container to overflow into the interior of the barbecue surround. Dispose of all fat, grease, and oil following local regulations. Do not dispose of it on the ground, as this will create a health and safety hazard. For more information visit


What is the power rating of the electric barbecue cooktop?

15 Amps, 3.5kW element.


We are designing and building a custom cabinet, can Christie barbecue cooktops be purchased and installed separately?

Yes. Christie’s energy-efficient electric and gas barbecue cooktops are plug-in, self-contained outdoor cooking appliances. Their convenient drop-in design means you can build your own unique barbecue surround to relevant standards, using the materials of your choice. Christie also offers a range of accessories for built-in barbecues, including stainless-steel benchtops, access doors, and brick-in bench kits. For more information on our cooktop visit here , and on design-build options visit here.


How often should the barbecue be serviced?

To ensure the lasting safety, reliability, and energy efficiency of your Christie barbecue, we recommend that it be proactively serviced and inspected at least every 12 months. Our Technical Service Manual, available from Christie Support, details the Servicing Procedure.


Are barbecue hoods or safety lids available?

Yes. The Christie Barbecue Hood has benefits beyond protecting the hotplate from dirt. Sturdy and durable, it is specifically designed to complement the functionality and performance of Christie CC2 cooktops. For more information visit here.


Can Christie recommend a service technician?

In most regions, we maintain a list of suitably qualified and trained technicians. Please contact Christie Support on +61 3 9708 2999 or from within Australia 1300 135 227.


I have a gas cooktop and can hear a ticking noise inside the barbecue.

This ticking is the spark electrode igniting the burners. Depending on weather conditions and cooktop temperature, this may happen a couple of times at the beginning of the cooking cycle or various intervals throughout the cooking cycle. It is normal to hear this noise. If the noise is constant throughout the cooking cycle, however, it may indicate a fault.  Contact Christie Support on + 61 3 9708 2999 or from within Australia 1300 135 227.